30 October 2012  


Back to Frank Black

Edited by Adam Chamberlain & Brian A. Dixon


Fourth Horseman Press is proud to confirm the release of Back to Frank Black, a book based on the Fox television series Millennium (1996-99) and produced in association with the titular campaign to return its hero, Frank Black, to the screen.


Back to Frank Black offers fans of Millennium a hitherto unprecedented volume of material exploring this landmark series. The book features forewords from lead actor Lance Henriksen and co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz as well as an introduction by series creator and executive producer Chris Carter. Back to Frank Black offers extensive interviews with cast and crew in addition to exclusive new material that includes an original essay by actress Brittany Tiplady. The collection further boasts essays from a number of authors with in-depth knowledge of the series—including John Kenneth Muir, Joe Maddrey, Paul Clark, Gordon Roberts, Joe Tangari, and Alexander Zelenyj—as well as cover artwork by Matthew Ingles and illustrations throughout by campaign founder James McLean.

Back to Frank Black is edited by Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon. The book is now available in both hardcover and paperback editions from all major booksellers, with a multi-platform electronic edition set to be released early next year. The collection will not be sold for profit and all proceeds will be donated to Lance Henriksen’s preferred registered charity, Children of the Night. Publisher's updates will be made available from Fourth Horseman Press.


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20 July 2010  


Back to Frank Black

The Millennial Abyss now stands as a dormant internet archive, a fixed shrine to one of television's most remarkable series, but Millennium fandom lives on in bold fashion at Back to Frank Black! Hosting an organized campaign dedicated to seeing the return of Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, Back to Frank Black offers viewers the opportunity to rediscover what made the series and its characters great and to take part in the battle to see it reborn. The campaign's trademark podcasts regularly feature lively interviews with prominent members of the cast and crew including Chris Carter, Glen Morgan, Mark Snow, Kristen Cloke, Megan Gallagher, Klea Scott, and Lance Henriksen. Recently, Adam Chamberlain and I have joined forces with campaign leaders Troy Foreman and James McClean in an effort to contribute to this exciting endeavor. We'll make our campaign debut in an upcoming podcast featuring a roundtable discussion regarding the best episodes of the series. The coming weeks also promise a number of rousing posts, projects, and high-profile competitions sure to engage anyone who has ever been captivated by the themes and mythology of Millennium. Clearly, history's greatest criminal profiler is alive and well. To rediscover Millennium in new and noteworthy ways, to gain insight into Frank Black's brilliant future, you need only visit Back to Frank Black!


5 May 2006  


Remembering Millennium

I miss Frank Black. Some days I miss Frank Black more than I can say. I miss Millennium, too, but it’s the man that defined the series that is most conspicuous in his absence. It goes without saying that he was a singular hero, unique and utterly irreplaceable. More and more often, when I sit to watch classic episodes from my collection of DVDs I feel as if I am visiting the memorial of a great man who was taken from us when he still had so much to teach us. I am sometimes struck by a strange sense of hope or a painfully nostalgic twinge when I pass a red Jeep Cherokee whilst traveling America’s roadways. I want to know that Frank Black is alive and well, that he’s out there doing what he does best. Today is Lance Henriksen’s birthday, and we raise our glasses to him. Truly, he is one of the greatest actors of our age, and that was never more evident than when he slipped on the identity of our favorite profiler. Happy birthday, Mr. Henriksen. The Millennial Abyss has not been regularly updated for some time and, truthfully, it may not be regularly updated in the foreseeable future. Time will tell. Most of my creative attentions are now devoted to the thematically similar Revelation and other Fourth Horseman Press publications. That does not mean that this website has been forgotten, however. The episode guide and other subsections will always be periodically tended to, and the site will continue to serve as one of the foremost archives celebrating the series. Additionally, this October will mark Millennium’s tenth anniversary, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find some way to celebrate. In the meantime, keep watching. Never forget. It’s up to us to keep Frank Black’s memory alive and to continue to live by his example.





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