Way Out West

Edited by Adam Chamberlain & Brian A. Dixon


Since the Western first dawned as a popular literary and cinematic brand, creative minds have been breaking its seemingly strict boundaries by incorporating elements of other genres. Imagine haunted hangings, interstellar cattle drives, and romance on the Western Trail. Imagine undead lawmen, magic bullets, and cowboys battling aliens.


Way Out West explores just this sort of terrain. This unusual anthology presents an array of imaginative short stories that combine the Western with other literary forms. These stories include elements of various disparate genresómystery, horror, fantasy, speculative fiction, magical realismóbut each is undeniably rooted in the great tradition of the Western. The pairings are unexpected and the blending insightful, allowing for a meaningful exploration of the Western's traditional themes through potent plots, evocative environments, and compelling character conflicts. If the story boldly ventures beyond the boundaries of the traditional Western, you may find yourself Way Out West!


The anthology includes stories by Davin Ireland, Alexander Zelenyj, Sam Hawken, Dennis Sjolie, Trent Roman, and J. R. Cain.


$12.99 | Paperback | 164 Pages