Revelation was an independently published literary magazine preoccupied with the apocalypse.


Revelation offers original writing and artwork of various genres and techniques from various authors in a traditional magazine format. The one constant holding together each eclectic issue is the looming threat of annihilation present in each individual work.


Revelation is devoted to publishing stories that have been inspired by or are somehow connected to any conception of the end of the world. That doomsday connection may be tenuous, implied, or overwhelming. Each piece presented in the magazine represents any one of countless genres drama, comedy, mystery, romance, horror, speculative fiction, magical realism but there is certain to be a relevant and creative apocalyptic element apparent in the piece.


Revelation's premiere issue, presenting unique and original apocalyptic fiction, debuted in October of 2003. The magazine was published quarterly by Fourth Horseman Press in March, June, September, and December and its fiction was also released in an annual print anthology. Brian A. Dixon served as the publication's Editor-in-Chief, Adam Chamberlain as its Assistant Editor. The magazine has currently ceased publication.


The end is nigh.



Brian A. Dixon




Adam Chamberlain

Assistant Editor



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