11 December 2013: Editorial work continues on the long-awaited and much delayed last issues of Revelation magazine. The final line-up of ominous tales is being decided, but one thing is certain: the end is nigh. As we head into a new and fateful year for the magazine of apocalyptic art and literature, watch this site for updates.



21 December 2012: The Mayan apocalypse anticipated by some has singularly failed to pass but one thing is certain: the world will end, again and again, in the upcoming final issues of Revelation! The future will bring a series of stunning new stories of life and death in the countdown to the release of Revelation 4:4, a double-sized final issue for the magazine of apocalyptic art and literature. Visit the submission page for information on contributing your own apocalyptic fiction to this unforgettable special event. Prepare yourself. The end is nigh.



23 May 2012: A resurrection is at hand. The magazine of apocalyptic art and literature has returned! Revelation 4:2 is now available, celebrating ten years in production as the magazine returns from an extended hiatus to complete its fourth and final volume. This landmark installment offers readers a collection of stimulating new stories from acclaimed authors including Daniel Pearlman, Martin Rose, Dennis Sjolie, Davin Ireland, and Alexander Zelenyj.


Science fiction, horror, and fantasy meet at the end of the world in each new issue of Revelation. In these thrilling pages you will find detectives, gunslingers, spacemen, and apparitions confronting an end to the world as they know it. You'll discover awe-inspiring elegies, alternate dimensions, poetic prophecies, and final judgment in the depths of space. The issue also boasts captivating original artwork and comprehensive illustrations from the award-winning Stephanie Rodriguez. Don't miss this exciting return to the wonder and dread of Revelation magazine. The end is nigh! Pick up your copy of Revelation 4:2 before it's too late.



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