The devilish Lucy Butler (Sarah-Jane Redmond), arch-villain of Millennium, peruses her copy of Back to Frank Black.












Back to Frank Black

Reviews and Commentary


"I loved it."


―Chris Carter

Creator, Millennium



"Back to Frank Black is absolutely tremendous! It's a great read not just for the die-hard fan but for any fan of high-quality television. I have several books on specific TV shows and this is at the top of the list, not only for its in-depth analysis, terrific interviews, and behind the scenes stories but for its insight into the show's emotional core."


―Richard Whitley

Screenwriter, Millennium



"8 out of 10... This book is just the kind of weighty tribute such a seminal show deserves... It goes without saying that, if you're a fan of Millennium, this excellent book is a must-read, but the budding scriptwriters among you should also seek it out for its fascinating depiction of the inner workings of a major TV show."


―Julian White

Starburst Magazine



"Interesting, well-written... There is such a wealth of thematic material explored here that readers will find it very difficult to stumble upon an essay they don't enjoy... Back to Frank Black seriously delivers some of the most enjoyable and insightful stories behind the making of a series that this reviewer has ever had the pleasure of reading."


―Daniel Greer

Popcorn Monster



"As addictive as the show it deconstructs so well... Back to Frank Black seeks to be more than just an oral history of a significant show... A flawless, absolutely essential book... One of the best examples of what a dedicated fandom can do."


―Gabriel Ricard

Drunk Monkeys



"5 out of 5... Back To Frank Black is not only a crowning achievement for the fan campaign, it is a fantastic read that will mesmerize fans of the show... If you've ever watched an episode of Millennium, if you have ever been interested in the behind-the-scenes development of a television series, or if you've ever been interested in fan campaigns, then this book is a must read."


―Greg Davies

Geeks of Doom



"A very definitive book on the subject... Both comprehensive in its analysis of the three season, sixty-seven episode show and in its interviews with the people involved... There is no denying that this is a massive book and an incredible education."


―G. F. Willmetts

SFcrowsnest Magazine



"A true treasure for Millennium fans... Over 500 pages packed with more than twenty-five essays on every aspect of the show you can imagine... This is a book I will be dipping into for many years to come."


―Sophie Brown

Wired: Geek Mom



"Like the Millennium series itself, this book achieves such a high standard of quality that I almost can't believe it exists. As a reader, it makes me feel like a more active part of a very meaningful world―a world that still lives on in the imaginations of viewers across the globe."


―Joseph Maddrey

Author, Nightmares in Red, White & Blue (2004)

Back to Frank Black Contributor



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