The Rogues


TITLE: "Men & Gods"
COVER BLURB: "New Year's Evil"
DATE: February 1998

WRITER: Brian Augustyn
PENCILS: Ron Wagner
INKS: Bill Reinhold
COLORS: Noelle Giddings
LETTERS: Bob Lappan
EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Jason Pearson


QUOTE: "Selfishness is what lost us our souls in the first place!  If we're going to keep ourselves safe, we need to start doing the right thing!" —Heat Wave

SUMMARY: After experiencing the pure evil of hell itself thanks to their deals with the demon Neron, the Flash's Rogues Gallery (Captain Cold, Heat Wave, the Weather Wizard, the Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang) is highly interested in obtaining some protection from the dark forces of the universe.  They find themselves at a secluded mountain temple in search of a powerful religious artifact.  Meanwhile, the Trickster is pressured with finding a way to save his ex-girlfriend's son, a young boy kidnapped by a fiendish foreign government because he's been determined to be the prophesized representative of an ancient god here on earth.  The Trickster's got a couple of tricks up his sleeve, and it's his clever plan which has brought the Rogues, a corrupt and angry army, the Pied Piper, and the kidnapped young boy to the same mountain temple.  What the Trickster didn't count on, however, was a return visit from the devil himself.