The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive


TITLE: "Speedquest, Chapter 1: Angel City"
COVER BLURB: "Force & Inertia"
DATE: February 2007


WRITERS: Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo
PENCILLERS: Ron Adrian &
Art Thibert

INKER: Rob Lea, Alex Lei, and Art Thibert

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: Richard Horie & Tanya Horie
ASSOC. EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

EDITOR: Joan Hilty
COVER: Daniel Acuna


QUOTE: "I've come to Los Angeles for a fresh start, in a town that could really use some help. The heroes who call this place home are mostly imaginary. I know Wally's out there, but I have no way to find him. Gonna try to find myself here, first." —Bart Allen

SUMMARY: Determined to find himself and to make a difference in the world, Bart Allen leaves Keystone City behind to start a new life in Los Angeles, California. He finds that supervillains are already at play in the City of Angels. Abra Kadabra is staging a public performance in Hollywood, transporting a jewelry store and its vault to the Swiss Alps in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the Flash follows and swiftly foils the sorcerer's criminal scheme. Their encounter convinces Kadabra he's dealing with a transformed Flash, and the villain resolves to contact the Rogues. Elsewhere, Inertia conspires with the supervillain Deathstroke to obtain Velocity 9. The clone requires a constant supply of the drug to maintain his superspeed powers. Thus, he's desperate to steal the Flash's exclusive hold on the speed force. After retrieving supplies and technology from the future, Inertia betrays Mota and unexpectedly frees the captive Valerie Perez. She's an integral part of the villainous speedster's plan to lure the Flash to Las Vegasand certain doom!