The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive


TITLE: "Lightning in a Bottle, Part Four: Fast in the Life Lane"
COVER BLURB: "In a Heartbeat"
DATE: November 2006


WRITERS: Danny Bilson & Paul DeMeo
PENCILLERS: Ken Lashley & Sal Velluto

INKERS: Walden Wong, Art Thibert & Jay Leisten

COLORS: Richard Horie & Tanya Horie
ASST EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

EDITOR: Joan Hilty
COVER: Ken Lashley & Art Thibert


QUOTE: "All that massive power is embedded in your system. Concentrated in you alone. In other words, Bart... You are the speed force." óDr. Tina McGee

SUMMARY: When the Griffin catches up with Luke Thatcher, the serial bomber that's been terrorizing Keystone City, he unleashes his newfound superpowers without mercy. Thatcher is killed instantly. Griffen Grey has seized the public eye and claimed the role of the city's superhero protector, but both Bart Allen and Jay Garrick know that Grey is changing in dangerous ways. The Griffin is reckless, brutal, and violent, and his powers seem to be destroying his body as well as his mind. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Tina McGee has determined the reason why Bart's own superpowers have become unstable. Bart Allen no longer taps into the speed force, he is an embodiment of the speed force that contains the power and spirit of all his predecessors! Worried by the Griffin's increasingly violent crime fighting activities, Bart confronts his former friend and soon finds himself under attack. Elsewhere, Valerie Perez is confronted by the father she thought was dead: the monstrous supervillain Manfred Mota!