The Flash


TITLE: "Fast Money Part Four: Flash Mob"
COVER BLURB: "Hysteria!"

DATE: August 2008


WRITER: Tom Peyer
ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams II

LETTERS: Travis Lanham

COLORS: Tanya Horie & Richard Horie

EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern & Eddie Berganza
COVER: Freddie E. Williams II


QUOTE: "Today, my daughter's life was shortened again. Yet you remain immortal... The loss I feel right now... It's different from the loss you inflicted when you murdered Bart. There's no hatred in it. No anger. Just love. And grief. And it's deep. And it makes my retribution against you feel so... So much like nothing." —The Flash to Inertia

SUMMARY:  Gorilla Grodd holds the Flash, Jay Garrick, and the supervillain Spin. Using his terrifying telepathic powers, Grodd then begins to hypnotically program each of his foes with a set of instructions. His efforts are interrupted by a surprise attack launched by Jai and Iri. The superpowered twins were able to escape from the clutches of the Dark Side Club when Iris experienced one of her sudden, uncontrollable growth spurts, gaining the powers of a speedster and aging several years in a matter of moments! The Flash hardly has time to take-in this disconcerting development when he learns that a vengeful mob, still enraged by the effects of Spin's power to influence public opinion, has set fire to Keystone City's Flash Museum! The fastest man alive leads his family of speedsters to respond to this emergency at once. Inside the burning museum lies the time-locked body of Inertia, the man responsible for Bart Allen's death. No matter how bitter he might be, Wally West simply isn't willing to let the young supervillain burn alive.