The Flash


TITLE: "Fast Money Part Two"
COVER BLURB: "On a Dread Run from the Flash"

DATE: June 2008


WRITER: Tom Peyer
ARTIST: Freddie E. Williams II

LETTERS: Travis Lanham

COLORS: Tanya Horie & Richard Horie
ASSOC EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

EDITOR: Joan Hilty
COVER: Freddie E. Williams II


QUOTE: "Sift through the anxieties. Find the one. The one we can hurt him with." —Spin

SUMMARY:  The Flash, burdened with money troubles, finds his anxieties being manipulated by the sinister supervillain named Spin and, as a result, has undertaken a daring day-light robbery at superspeed! Now, none of the residents of Keystone City trust their once beloved resident superhero. Jay Garrick agrees to appear in a live television interview in an effort to clear his successor's name. Unfortunately, Spin, working behind the scenes, soon uses Jay's own frustrations to turn him against his friend and ally. After a short-lived battle between Jay, Wally, Iris, and Jai, the four speedsters determine that the media is a the heart of their problems and they should be investigating the local television studio for answers. Spin knows they're coming for him, however, and with the mysterious and powerful captive that supplies his unique abilities, he's planning to unleash the scarlet speedster's greatest fear in an effort to destroy the hero once and for all.