The Flash


TITLE: "The Wild Wests Part Two: The Deep End"
COVER BLURB: "Deep Trouble!"

DATE: November 2007


WRITER: Mark Waid
ARTIST: Daniel Acu˝a

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
ASSOC EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

EDITOR: Joan Hilty
COVER: Daniel Acu˝a


QUOTE: "I would like to make the point that most mothers would be startled at your explosive entrance... But, having lived with your dad this longŚ" ŚLinda Park-West

SUMMARY:  On their first day of superhero training, young Iris and Jai West are faced with a nightmarish scenario. Keystone City is being invaded by armies of monstrous aliens! These vengeful creatures, born into a watery realm and able to kill using dehydration, are using surface water on lakes, rivers, fountains, even puddles as a portal into our world. Frightened and frantic, Iris and Jai soon discover that their superpowers are useless against such a threat, and the Keystone City Police have been all-but wiped out. After returning from a brief visit to the aliens' watery world, Wally West formulates a desperate plan. The only hope for slowing the invasion is for the Flash to deconstruct a complex S.T.A.R. Labs cyclotron and then reconstruct it as flash-freezing super-weapon in a matter of moments!