The Flash


TITLE: "The Black Death"

DATE: February 2006


WRITER: Joey Cavalieri
PENCILLER: Val Semeiks

INKER: Livesay

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: James Sinclair
ASST EDITOR: Harvey Richards

EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
COVER: Art Thibert with James Sinclair


QUOTE: "Even if it comes down to the last man — and it will — it's our fight... to the finish. Gentlemen, there's no other way to say this... but this could be our last stand." —The Flash

SUMMARY:  The Flash has been duped into delivering the powerful Summoner into the hands of none other than Vandal Savage and, once more, the fastest man alive now finds himself held prisoner by the immortal villain. Savage has created a super-powered cult and the brainwashed followers loyal to his command include Linda Park's parents. Linda is forced to use her cunning to keep her twins out of danger and free from the mad cult leader's grasp. Immortal though he may be, Savage has grown disgruntled with the course of human history and, using the power of the Summoner, he plans to usher in the end of the world. At Savage's command, the cult uses the alien device to target 4787 Thanatos, a massive asteroid near enough to Earth to be used as an instrument of apocalypse! The Flash, Jay Garrick, and Kid Flash escape from the cult's captivity as the world descends into panic and mankind braces for catastrophe. Will the fastest men alive be able to halt the end of the world?