The Flash


TITLE: "The Last Days"
COVER BLURB: "Finish Line: Part One"

DATE: December 2005


WRITER: Joey Cavalieri
PENCILLER: Val Semeiks

INKER: Livesay

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: James Sinclair
ASST EDITOR: Harvey Richards

EDITOR: Stephen Wacker
COVER: Art Thibert with James Sinclair


QUOTE: "This is where my theme song would kick in, if I had a theme song. And not that Flash Gordon movie thing, either." —The Flash

SUMMARY:  Wally and Linda are settling into parenthood following the miraculous, unexpected birth of the twins they thought they had lost. As concerned for the safety of his family as ever, Wally's fatherly instincts are prompting plenty of worry about the well-being of his newborn son and daughter. Linda's parents are similarly preoccupied with the spiritual development of their grandchildren and Lisa Park convinces Wally to bring his family to a church group social gathering. Wally's attendance at the event — held in conjunction with some large scale renovations of an aging church — proves fortunate when a series of construction mishaps threaten those in attendance. Leaping into action as the Flash, Wally quickly diminishes the danger, but what the scarlet speedster sees during his high-speed rescue work leads him to discover the church is literally hiding something. In the basement of the building hides a group of young men and women seemingly blessed with superpowers. They tell the Flash that they come from Point Parallax, a paradisiacal dimension that intersects our own, and that they need his help. The fastest man alive is all too eager to do what he can to assist, but what does he really know about these mysterious beings and their plans for the future?