The Flash


TITLE: "Rogue War: Chapter 1"
COVER BLURB: "It Starts Here: Rogue War!"
DATE: May 2005


WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Howard Porter

INKS: Livesay

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: James Sinclair
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

ASS'T EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern
COVER: Howard Porter & Livesay


QUOTE: "They say a hero is only as strong as his villains, meaning the Flash is more powerful than the whole Justice League of America combined. Go ahead and pick the era, don't matter." —Captain Cold

SUMMARY:  For months a colossal conflict has been steadily building between the Flash's Rogues and those former Rogues who have sought to become heroes. Threats have been made. Attacks have been launched in secret. Battle lines have been drawn. Now, the Rogues Gallery — Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang, and the Trickster — has grown weary of waiting. The five supervillains launch a first strike against their reformed counterparts, infiltrating an FBI regional headquarters and killing all those who stand in their way. In the wake of this offensive, Agent James Jesse and his team — including the Pied Piper, Heat Wave, and Magenta — initiate their final stratagem, using all of the resources at their disposal to discover where the Flash's most dangerous enemies have been hiding themselves. Kidnapping Ashley Zolomon, Jesse forces the Keystone City Police profiler to interrogate the reanimated corpse of the former Captain Boomerang. The information pulled from inside the deceased villain's mind provides Jesse's squad with the location of their targets. In a Central City waterfront hideaway, the Rogues soon find themselves face to face with the alliance that has been conspiring to destroy them. The Rogue War has begun!