The Flash


TITLE: "Truth or Dare: Part 1"
COVER BLURB: "Wonder Woman! Cheetah! Zoom! It's Doom for the Flash!"
DATE: April 2005


WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Justiniano

INKS: Livesay & Walden Wong

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: James Sinclair
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

ASS'T EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

COVER: Howard Porter & Livesay


QUOTE: "If the state would approve our plans for metahuman capital punishment, two of my guards would still be alive. Two families wouldn't be grieving right now. And a man who can rip your throat out at the speed of light wouldn't be out on the streets." óGregory Wolfe

SUMMARY:  Zoom has escaped from his containment cell at Iron Heights Penitentiary with the help of a vicious and brutal ally: Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, the animalistic villainess known as Cheetah. While the Cheetah professes to be interested in helping to protect Hunter Zolomon from those that would seek to destroy him, however, she's far more interested in what she can gain from teaming up with the scarlet speedster's fleet-footed nemesis; Cheetah has become consumed by a desire to learn the powers of super speed, and she thinks Zoom is just the man to teach her. Desperate to capture Zoom and protect Linda and his loved ones from harm, the fastest man alive looks to Wonder Woman for help in tracking the Cheetah. The Flash and the recently blinded Diana make for an awkward team, however, and the combined might of both Cheetah and Zoom might be enough to defeat both heroes!