The Flash


TITLE: "Slow Motion"
COVER BLURB: "Meet the Man Behind the Mask!"
DATE: October 2004


WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Howard Porter

INKS: Livesay
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

ASS'T EDITOR: Harvey Richards
Ethan Van Sciver


QUOTE: "For once... I'm... not... the slowest man alive. Where... do you think... you can run to? The tortoise beats the hare... don't you know that?" —The Turtle

SUMMARY:  Profiler Ashley Zolomon has been severely injured in a suspicious car accident and the foremost suspect is police mechanic Wally West! The Flash soon realizes there are drawbacks to his newfound secret identity. Wally doesn't spend long in the police interrogation room, however, before the officers around him begin moving at an unnaturally slow speed. Putting on his costume, the Flash makes his way through near-frozen bystanders on the streets of Keystone City and discovers the culprit behind these bizarre events: the Turtle. The slow-moving supervillain has discovered he possesses the ability to rob others of their speed and he intends to use the skill to finally defeat his fleet-footed nemesis. Wally's battle with the offbeat foe is sure to be short lived, but the young hero won't be able to dodge his apparent connection to Ashley's life-threatening accident quite so easily.