The Flash


TITLE: "Rush Hour!"
COVER BLURB: "A New Race Begins!"
DATE: April 2004


WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTIST: Howard Porter

INKS: Livesay
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Nick J. Napolitano
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

ASS'T EDITOR: Harvey Richards
COVER: Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald


QUOTE: "Strings attached?! There are always strings attached.  I tried to solve a problem. Perhaps... Perhaps the Spectre will not allow it. Perhaps he teaches me to be careful what I wish for... I am sorry, Wally West." —Hal Jordan

SUMMARY:  Donning his costume once more for a leisurely patrol of the streets of Keystone City, Wally West ponders his role as a down-to-earth hero and soon comes to terms with his rediscovered identity as the Flash. That acceptance gives way to frustrated fury when he discovers that Linda has left him and the hero soon demands that Hal Jordan, the Spectre, explain how his granted wish could have resulted in such terrible consequences. The people of Keystone are happy to have their hero back, however, scheduling a Flash Day celebration. Unfortunately, a parade in the scarlet speedster's honor proves a surefire way of agitating the city's dangerous supervillains and a crowd of celebrants soon finds themselves at the mercy of the Flash's most mischievous enemies.