The Flash


TITLE: "Ignition Part V: Secrets"
COVER BLURB: "In the Shadow of the Batman!"
DATE: February 2004


WRITER: Geoff Johns
ARTISTS: Alberto Dose, Howard Porter, & Livesay
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Comic Craft
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

ASS'T EDITOR: Harvey Richards
COVER: Alberto Dose


QUOTE: "I know you are more than a mechanic for the Keystone Police Department, Wally." —Batman

SUMMARY: Wally West finds himself confronted in his own home by Batman! The world's greatest detective has followed a long trail of evidence to determine who wears the scarlet cowl of the Flash and he wants answers from the young police mechanic regarding his now-secret identity. Batman and the rest of the Justice League know their memories have been tampered with but Wally refuses to face the superhero community yet as he is still struggling to come to terms with the discovery himself. After parting company with the Dark Knight, Wally sits with Linda at a diner and the two try to talk with one another in a way they have been unable — or unwilling — to since the recent loss of their twins. Meanwhile, the mysterious supervillain killing Keystone police officers is still at large, although the scarlet speedster's conversation with the caped crusader may have provided him with the clue that will at last reveal the murderer's own secret identity.