The Flash


TITLE: "Crossfire Part Three: The Thinking Man"
COVER BLURB: "Thoughtcrime!"
DATE: July 2002

WRITER: Geoff Johns
PENCILS: Scott Kolins
INKS: Doug Hazlewood
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri
COVER: Brian Bolland


QUOTE: "It's funny. I didn't think too much of West at first. He was kind of evasive, had a temper, fell in love too easy... But really, I was wrong. He was doing what I forgot to do. What I thought I lost. He was showing his emotions." óCyborg

SUMMARY: The Flash and all of Keystone City have been possessed by the Thinker! The digital villain has seized the Flash's super fast brain for use as the ultimate processor; now, the Thinker controls the Flash. Though the new Rogues Gallery is desperate to destroy the fastest man alive, it is their intervention that leads to his eventual escape. Meanwhile, in Central City, the unlikely team of Chyre, Morillo, and Captain Cold discover and destroy the mirror prison that contains that scarlet speedster's kidnapped allies. Among them is Cyborg, the one man who may possess the high-tech skills and knowledge to defeat the Thinker. Both Morillo and the Flash soon discover that one unknown element has been scheming behind the scenes and shares an unrealized connection to these catastrophic events: Keith Kenyon, the union commissioner once known as the supervillain Goldface. Kenyon has been working for years to bring down Blacksmith's Network. To defeat the Rogues and dismantle the Network, however, the Flash first must overpower the seemingly omnipotent Thinker!