The Flash


TITLE: "Peek-a-Boo"
DATE: January 2002

WRITER: Geoff Johns
PENCILS: Scott Kolins
INKS: Doug Hazlewood
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri
COVER: Brian Bolland


QUOTE: "I thought I was a hero today. So why do I feel like the bad guy?" —The Flash

SUMMARY: At Iron Heights, the Flash tries in vain to prove that Warden Wolfe has been abusing superpowered inmates to the prison's advantage. Wolfe has covered his tracks, though, and the Flash and Detective Morillo are forced to leave the prison before obtaining any evidence of misconduct. On the way out, whilst passing the cell dedicated to Cicada, Morillo experiences the unusual aftereffects of his contact with Cicada's cult once more. Detective Chyre, meanwhile, finds himself in the midst of a custody battle for Josh Jackam, the orphaned son of his former partner. Later, Wally meets up with Linda at Central City Medical University and has the opportunity to reacquaint himself with an old friend: Vic Stone, the technology-powered hero known as Cyborg. An explosion in a campus lab cuts their conversation short, however, and the two former Titans soon find themselves grappling with an unconventional foe. Lashawn Baez, a Central City Medical graduate student, has been transformed into a metahuman. The slightest touch causes her to teleport, leaving an explosive concussion in her wake. Calling herself Peek-a-Boo, Lashawn has made the difficult decision to use this extraordinary ability to steal a kidney that could save her father's life. Cyborg and the fastest man alive quickly capture Peek-a-Boo, but Wally is struck by an attack of conscience when he learns that Lashawn's teleportation powers have earned her a place in the grim supervillain subdivision of Iron Heights.