The Flash


TITLE: "Blood Will Run Part 2: The Harvest"
COVER BLURB: "Raise Your Hand if You'll Die for the Flash"
DATE: April 2001

WRITER: Geoff Johns
PENCILS: Scott Kolins
INKS: Doug Hazlewood
COLORS: James Sinclair
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri
COVER: Brian Bolland


QUOTE: "The victims all have one thing in common. One thread that ties them together... You." óDetective Jared Morillo

SUMMARY: Dozens of men and women are being slaughtered throughout Keystone City by the members of an obsessive cult and the victims have one thing in common: all of their lives had once been saved by the Flash! Officer Julie Jackam, one of Wally West's many ex-girlfriends, is among the dead, leaving a fatherless child behind, and Detective Fred Chyre, her partner, is furious about being taken off the case. After searching over one hundred crime scenes for clues, the Flash returns to police headquarters to check in with Magenta, who is still under evaluation in a police lock-up. His attempts to apologize for his role in her troubled development as a metahuman are quickly brushed aside, however. Wally finds himself engaged in a violent struggle with Magenta as she makes it clear that she's irrationally proud of his role in her life; she's a devoted member of the same murderous cult that has chosen the Flash as the focus of its worship!