The Flash


TITLE: "Kid Flash in Territorealis"
COVER BLURB: "One Man Kid Against a Gorilla Invasion! Guest-Starring Robin! Also Guest-Starring Aqualad!"
DATE: July 1999

WRITER: Joe Casey, Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn
PENCILS: Duncan Rouleau & Paul Pelletier
INKS: Aaron Sowd & José Marzan Jr.
COLORS: Tom McCraw
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
ASS'T EDITOR: Frank Berrios

EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "Ever seen a guy catch a bullet, disarm and disrobe a guy before he could blink? I don't think so... Kinda anti-climactic, huh?" —Kid Flash

SUMMARY: Years ago, a gorilla skull of unusual size and shape was once the center of an exhibit on display at the Blue Valley Museum of the Humanties. Stopping in at the museum to retrieve a lost baseball cap, a young Wally West stumbled upon a menacing gorilla attempting to steal the artifact. Leaping into action as Kid Flash, Wally soon discovered that, despite his initial assumptions, the simian intruder was not the infamous Gorilla Grodd but Montague, a loyal denizen of Gorilla City sent to Blue Valley on a sensitive mission. The skull had been stolen from a sacred Gorilla City burial ground and Solovar, leader of the Gorilla City Council, was willing to go to war with America over the theft. It was up to Kid Flash to return Montague and the stolen skull to Gorilla City, correct an international misunderstanding, a halt an outright gorilla invasion! Stubbornly striving to prove he could accomplish this task on his own, Wally set out on a road trip that would take him from Gotham City to Gorilla City, accepting a bit of help from Robin and Aqualad along the way. Little did the young sidekick expect that Buck Wargo, the sinister poacher who nabbed the stolen skull in the first place, would be hot on his heels every step of the way.