The Flash


TITLE: "Chain Lightning, Chapter Five: Whirlpool"
DATE: June 1999

WRITER: Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
PENCILS: Paul Pelletier
INKS: Vince Russell
COLORS: Tom McCraw
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
ASS'T EDITOR: Frank Berrios

EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "Cobalt Blue. He just changed history. Everything we did... He changed history! And without Barry... the Crisis played out differently. Earth's heroes... We Lost the fight! We failed... and handed victory... to the Anti-Monitor!" —the Flash

SUMMARY: The Flash has followed the Cobalt Blue prophecy to its end, the 30th century and the last days of Barry Allen's life. Here, Wally and his famed predecessor must fight side-by-side against an army of speedsters possessed by the hate of Cobalt Blue's magic gem. It's a difficult experience for Wally, both physically and emotionally. The onetime Kid Flash has long thought himself unable to face his Uncle Barry in this future world because of his foreknowledge of the great hero's demise in the historic Crisis War. Barry and Wally can't help but enjoy working together once more, despite the dangers, and by raiding the future's Flash Museum they obtain the weapons of the Rogues Gallery and use them to fend off the zombie speedsters long enough to save Jay Garrick from the diabolical Malcolm Thawne. United, together, working as one, history's three greatest Flashes must save their future descendants and preserve the timeline. During the ensuing battle Wally's preoccupation with Barry's seemingly predetermined fate continues to haunt him. He is so certain of his predecessor's destiny, in fact, that he fails to realize that Thawne has already succeeded in altering history! The Crisis on Infinite Earths looms, the Anti-Monitor is preparing for the annihilation of the universe, and this time around there may not be a Barry Allen to stop it!

LINK: Hyperborea: The Legacy of Cobalt Blue