The Flash


TITLE: "Chain Lightning, Chapter Three:
Shooting the Rapids"
DATE: April 1999

WRITER: Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
PENCILS: Paul Pelletier
INKS: Vince Russell
COLORS: Tom McCraw
LETTERS: Gaspar Saladino
EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "Look at him.  Zoom must have gleaned that this is the gem's final destination.  He's come here to grab it because the potential competition is now apparently powerless... and he wants it so bad he can taste it.  He's ready to pounce on it any second... but he'll have to take it over my dead body.  Unfortunately... I have a bad feeling it's about to come to that..." —The Flash

SUMMARY: The Flash and an army of speedsters from countless eras continue their combined time-traveling efforts to outrun the thousand year prophecy of the Cobalt Blue gem. Wally finds himself in the 25th century face-to-face with Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash. For once, however, Zoom is fighting with the Flash and not against him! The two speedsters must stop a member of the Allen family who's inadvertently become possessed by the Cobalt Blue gem. Meanwhile, Max Mercury becomes wrapped up in the emotional story of an Allen family from the year 2231, Impulse teaches an enormous Thondor Allen how to fight, and Jay Garrick hands Iris West the most difficult assignment of all. Soon Jay finds himself returning to the present day just in time to save police scientist Angela Margolin from the twisted Malcolm Thawne, evil twin to Barry Allen and the very first Cobalt Blue. Angela watches as Jay is overcome with rage and launches a deadly assault on Thawne, hoping to end the Cobalt Blue legacy before it can begin. In the distant future, Wally West finds himself chasing Professor Zoom—who now has a taste for the power of the Cobalt Blue gem—to the 30th century, the end of the line for both the prophecy and Barry Allen!

LINK: Hyperborea: The Legacy of Cobalt Blue