The Flash


TITLE: "Nature vs. Nurture"
COVER BLURB: "The Stunning Origin of Cobalt Blue!"
DATE: January 1999

WRITER: Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn
INKS: Chris Ivy
COLORS: Tom McCraw
EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "I couldn't tear myself away.  Spellbound by envy, I watched from afar as he lived the happy life that could have—should have—been mine—and I learned to hate him." —Malcolm Thawne

SUMMARY: The Flash lies in a Central City cemetery, his body pierced by fragments of Barry Allen's gravestone. Above him stands Cobalt Blue, a villainous madman powered by a mysterious blue gem who wears a face identical to that of Wally's mentor and forerunner. As Malcolm Thawne relays the tale of his troubled life Wally begins to make sense of a secret history unknown until now. Barry Allen was born alongside an identical twin, a twin destined to grow up a common crook under the guidance of the family Thawne. It was Thawne's yearning for a better life, his growing hatred for the twin who stole his possible future, that allowed him to become master of the Thawne legacy, a mysterious blue flame powered by passion. Now Cobalt Blue and the mysterious prophecy that guides him have clashed with Wally West, and Thawne's determined to make that prophecy of doom a reality!