The Flash


TITLE: "The Black Flash, Part 3: The End"
COVER BLURB: "The Black Flash. Part 3 of 3."
DATE: September 1998


WRITER: Mark Millar
PENCILS: Pop Mhan & Joshua Hood
INKS: Chris Ivy
COLORS: Tom McCraw

ASS'T EDITOR: L. A. Williams

EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "One by one, death caught up with the fastest men alive, and all the speed in the world couldn't save them. No matter how fast you are, the Black Flash is always faster." —The Flash

SUMMARY:  With time frozen at the moment of his arrival in our dimension, the specter of death known as the Black Flash stalks a powerless Wally West. Help arrives in the form of Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, and Jesse Quick, though the three speedsters discover that there may be no way to beat Death into submission. As Max Mercury prepares to sacrifice himself to the Black Flash, Wally takes action. Still reeling from the apparent death of Linda, Wally is desperate to save his friends from the same sinister fate. His passion reignites his connection to the speed force. Soon the fastest man alive is racing to the end of time with the Black Flash in hot pursuit! If the Flash can outrun his otherworldly stalker he knows that Death will cease to exist at the end of the time. Wally pushes himself to run harder and faster as the universe grows old around him, the Black Flash right behind him every step of the way. As the universe dissolves, all signs of life passing with it, so too does the Black Flash. Triumphant over death, refusing to accept fate, Wally plunges into the speed force and emerges with Linda Park in his arms. The Flash has outrun death itself and saved his one true love. Later, with troubling reminders of their own mortality lingering over them, Wally and Linda embrace and reflect on these events. In the blink of an eye Linda finds herself standing in Paris with the fastest man alive before her, offering a wedding ring and asking for her hand in marriage!