The Flash


TITLE: "The Human Race, Part Three: Home Run"
COVER BLURB: "The Human Race. Part 3 of 3."
DATE: June 1998


WRITERS: Grant Morrison & Mark Millar
PENCILS: Ron Wagner
INKS: John Nyberg
COLORS: Tom McCraw

ASS'T EDITOR: L. A. Williams

EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "Wally West, you saved the world and got the girl, but you seem to be taking an awful long time to actually kiss her for a guy who claims to be the fastest man alive." —Linda Park

SUMMARY:  The Flash continues his unending race across time and space under the ever-present observation of the ultra-dimensional gamblers dictating the competition. If he should fall so will the planet Earth! Fortunately his friendly opponent, the radio lifeform named Krakkl, has shared a lifesaving secret with his longtime friend. Krakkl has discovered that the kinetic energy from a competitor's home world can be used to power a contestant indefinitely. If the Flash can convince all of mankind to run together, he might just gain the speed needed to stay in the race! With the foot-power of five billion people backing him, the scarlet speedster prepares for a gamble of his own. Betting that the alien beings who have forced him to race won't be able to resist a wager, the Flash challenges one of these titans to a race of his own. If the Flash can outrun the alien's instantaneous teleportation and beat it to Earth, the planet and its people will be spared. But will the speed of the entire human race prove enough to help the fastest man alive to run faster than he's ever run before?