The Flash


TITLE: "Still Life in the Fast Lane"
COVER BLURB: "A Day in the Life of the Flash"
DATE: February 1998

WRITERS: Mark Millar & Grant Morrison
PENCILS: Paul Ryan
INKS: John Nyberg
COLORS: Tom McCraw
EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "What is it with you and saving people?... Rescue everyone and the world's going to get awfully crowded, Jay. I'm the smartest man alive at the moment so I know what I'm talking about. Learn to lose every once in a while. A little humility prepares you for what lies ahead." —Clifford Devoe

SUMMARY:  While Wally West recuperates from his recent injuries, Jay Garrick has taken over as Keystone City's first line of defense. It's been a long time since Jay held the full responsibilities that come with the Flash title and the aging superhero finds that returning to full-time duty grants him feelings of rejuvenation as well as a sense of progress. A lot has changed since Jay Garrick was the fastest man alive, but the wisdom and experience the first Flash has accumulated still serve him well. Jay finds himself visiting often with Clifford Devoe, the man once known as the Thinker. Devoe's days of supervillainy are long behind him, however. He's slowly dying of cancer, and Jay is desperate to find some way to save him. The answer to the Thinker's continued survival may lie with his old thinking cap, a helmet device that helped to boost his brainpower. On the day of his fiftieth wedding anniversary, Jay seeks out all of his old friends and allies in a search for the device, but he soon learns that for many the past is dead and buried and that there may be no outrunning a man's mortality.