The Flash


TITLE: "Emergency Stop"
COVER BLURB: "Speeding to an... Emergency Stop. Part 1 of 3."
DATE: Early November 1997

WRITERS: Grant Morrison & Mark Millar
PENCILS: Paul Ryan
INKS: John Nyberg
COLORS: Tom McCraw
EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "Dear Flash: You have 60 minutes to solve your own murder." —The Suit

SUMMARY:  Whilst responding to reports of an attack at Keystone County Prison, Max Mercury comes across a gruesome scene in one of the city's many back alleys. The Flash appears to have been murdered one hour in the future, his battered corpse sent back in time to act as an omen of what is to come! Now, Max, Jay Garrick, and a doomed Wally West have less than sixty minutes to prevent an assassination that seems to have already occurred. Correctly assuming that the Flash's future murder and the disturbance at the correctional facility are related, the three speedsters visit Keystone County Prison to learn who might be responsible for this unexpected attack. Prison folklore tells that Paul Gambi, tailor to the city's colorful Rogues, once set out to craft the ultimate supervillain costume. After the execution of the first villain to use the suit, however, the costume took on a life of its own. Now, the Suit itself seems to be alive, possessing victims to seize their powers and intent on killing the scarlet speedster. Armed with the foreknowledge of what is to come, Wally West plans some complex maneuvers to outwit the Suit. But will the Flash die trying to save his other self?