The Flash


TITLE: "Suicide Run"
COVER BLURB: "The Final Blow"
DATE: June 1993


WRITER: Mark Waid
PENCILLER: Greg LaRocque
INKER: Roy Richardson

LETTERER: Tim Harkins
Matt Hollingsworth

ASST. EDITOR: Ruben Diaz
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Ty Templeton




QUOTE: "His name is Barry Allen.  He's the Flash... the deadliest and most ruthless supervillain ever to hold Central City in his thrall.  And me?  I'm Wally West... his biggest fan." —Wally West

SUMMARY: After reclaiming the title of the Flash, Barry Allen has seemingly been transformed into an outright supervillain. The fastest man alive, bent on revenge against the very public that once loved him, has embarked on a merciless campaign of terror designed to deliver the people of Central City into a state of panic. Determined to put an end to this madness, Jay Garrick has teamed-up with two forgotten speedsters: Johnny Quick and Max Mercury. The three brave but aging heroes confront the Flash at a construction site and an epic super-speed battle ensues. Meanwhile, having abandoned the identity of the scarlet speedster, a hopeless Wally West struggles to come to terms with his mentor's inexplicable and obscene transformation.  The young hero's search for meaning soon turns up a startling artifact that may provide some much needed answers—a memoir written by Iris Allen.