The Flash


TITLE: "Flash: Year One — Born to Run! Chapter 4: Live Fast... Die Young!"
COVER BLURB: "Year One. Born to Run!"
DATE: Late June 1992


WRITER: Mark Waid
PENCILLER: Greg LaRocque
INKER: José Marzan Jr.

LETTERER: Tim Harkins
COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

ASST. EDITOR: Frank Pittarese
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg LaRocque & José Marzan Jr.




QUOTE: "[Iris] said she was my best friend, but how could she be? I couldn't tell her anything. How could I show her what a bullet looks like when you're moving fast enough to catch it? Or tell her the things you hear on the other side of the sound barrier? Or get her to understand how cold and empty it felt to be slow again?" —Wally West

SUMMARY:  At his grandfather's home, Wally West looks over the photo album left to him by his Aunt Iris and recalls the fateful summer that he became the fastest boy alive. After training to be the Flash's sidekick, it was difficult for Wally to accept that he might have to give up his superhero identity because of the pain caused by the use of his super-speed powers. Even more painful was leaving Central City and his Aunt Iris behind at summer's end. Returning home to Blue Valley, Wally found himself clashing with his disagreeable parents once more. His attempt to run away from home during a terrible storm only served to make matters worse when his father, Rudolph, became trapped under a fallen tree during an effort to rescue his son. With his father's life threatened by an oncoming tornado, Kid Flash forced himself to push past his limitations in an effort to cancel out the storm. That near-traumatic experience helped the young hero to harness his extraordinary abilities and to understand the importance of family.