The Flash


TITLE: "The Way of a Will"
COVER BLURB: "Murder on Ice!"
DATE: November 1991


WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILLER: Greg LaRocque
INKER: Jose Marzan Jr.

LETTERS: Tim Harkins
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg Larocque & Jose Marzan Jr.




QUOTE: "I say it all started when I got the letter. Piper says it started in the 16th century, when capitalism was invented. But that's Piper for you." —Wally West

SUMMARY:  Dr. Joar Mahkent, the onetime supervillain known as the Icicle, has died. Wally West receives a notice by mail summoning him to a reading of the Icicle's will. On the appointed evening, Wally, Mason Trollbridge, the Pied Piper, and attorney Ben Harrison Hayes make their way to the Icicle's extravagant estate. Though Mahkent left behind a number of relatives—including three arrogant grandchildren and a calculating sister-in-law—his video will declares that half of his entire fortune is to be given to whoever is wearing the crimson cowl of the Flash! The announcement leaves the Icicle's family predictably furious and, as the gathered guests learn that a blizzard will keep them together under the same roof for the evening, tempers quickly rise. Later that night, a sudden scream prompts Wally to race to the bedroom of Doyle Christie, Mahkent's granddaughter. He finds her encased in ice and must employ super-speed friction to save her life. Meanwhile, on the other side of the mansion, James Christie is killed by one of the Icicle's trademark freeze rays, and the Pied Piper is caught with the gun in his hand. Before the Flash can investigate further he's attacked with the same technology and frozen by what seems to be the ghost of the Icicle himself!