The Flash


TITLE: "Running on the Edge"
DATE: May 1990


WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILLER: Greg LaRocque
INKER: Jose Marzan Jr.

LETTERS: Tim Harkins
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg Larocque & Jose Marzan Jr.




QUOTE: "Hi. I'm Flash and I was confused for a long time. I guess lots of us are these days. But I've found the answer!" —The Flash, advertising spokesperson

SUMMARY:  Wally West has spent more than a month at the Center for Advanced Life Enhancement's Celestial Acres ranch undergoing a dubious process of reeducation and, though he is apparently blind to it, the new age group is using the impressionable hero for their own gain. The Flash has begun appearing in television advertisements for the group, acting as a spokesman rather than a superhero. Helping to confuse the young man are psychic meetings with his deceased father! Though cult leader Celia McGrath seems to be channeling the spirit of the late Rudolph West, it may be that the Flash's greedy father isn't nearly as dead as he seems. Linda Park is attending the retreat as well in the hopes that she might be able to undermine and uncover a scam that's ruining desperate customers and the brainwashed Flash, but her curiosity is quickly turning into frustration. What the skeptical reporter doesn't yet understand is that she may be the only person in attendance that possesses true psychic powers!