The Flash


TITLE: "Behold the Turtle!"
COVER BLURB: "Search for a Scarlet Speedster!"
DATE: February 1990


WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILLER: Greg LaRocque
INKER: Larry Mahlstedt

LETTERS: Tim Harkins
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg Larocque




QUOTE: "All I wanted was a city... Just one little city to rule. Keystone was dying... Nobody wanted it except me! I did everything to keep you away, but still you came! You see, it was our fates! I was destroyed by the first of the Flashes... I will be the death of the last. Goodbye." —The Turtle

SUMMARY:  The Flash has gone missing after relocating to Keystone City. Mason Trollbridge has gathered together an eclectic group of Wally West's friends to scour the city for clues relating to his disappearance, a group that includes the Pied Piper, the Chunk, the Elongated Man, Manhunter, Connie Noleski, the Kapitalist Kouriers, Tina and Jerry McGee, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, and Golden Glider. Meanwhile, the Flash finds himself helpless in the grip of the Turtle, trapped in a stasis field that both incapacitates him and subjects him to traumatic delusions. Even as Wally's closest friends find their rescue efforts being hampered by their differences and petty disputes, a rift begins to form between the megalomaniacal Turtle and his eager partner in crime, the Turtle Man. Despite his long-term plans and carefully crafted conspiracies, the Turtle's underground empire in Keystone City may be brought down by most unexpected opposition.