The Flash


TITLE: "Casablanca Nights"
COVER BLURB: "Guest-Starring the New Phantom Lady! Casablanca Nights."
DATE: August 1989


WRITER: Len Strazewski
PENCILLER: Grant Miehm
Paul Fricke

LETTERS: Tim Harkins
COLORS: Carl Gafford
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Grant Miehm &
Paul Fricke




QUOTE: "I thought that cabana boy said 'Rick's'..." —The Flash on Casablanca's most famous eatery

SUMMARY:  Boredom prompts Wally West to use his Justice League teleporter to take a day trip to Europe in search of food, fun, and maybe even a bit of romance. Instead of landing in Paris, however, the Flash finds himself in Lisbon and, on the advice of the locals, soon heads south to Casablanca. There, at the infamous Dick's All-American Diner, the scarlet speedster is introduced to elements even more dangerous than the restaurant's famously bad meatloaf. Here, international intrigue is the norm; in addition to representatives of numerous competing intelligence agencies, two notorious assassins are in attendance — Merlyn, a Libyan-employed archer hired to eliminate an eccentric Russian scientist, and Syonide, an American contracted by stateside criminals to take out the superheroine known as Phantom Lady. The arrival of the two unsuspecting targets inevitably causes Dick's to erupt in violence and soon Phantom Lady finds herself thankful that the fastest man alive happened to be passing through.