The Flash


TITLE: "Bless the Beasts"
COVER BLURB: "His Life's Already a Nightmare... Now it Gets Worse!"
DATE: July 1989


WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILS: Greg LaRocque
INKS: Tim Dzon

LETTERS: Agustin Mas
COLORS: Carl Gafford
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg LaRocque & Larry Mahlstedt




QUOTE: "They call me Golden Glider, I'm such a clever lass, my skates are sharp like razors, and I'm coming for your... Ha! First blood's mine!" —Golden Glider

SUMMARY:  Wally West has nearly recovered from the speed experiment that almost claimed his life, although the people of Swainsville still believe him to be the urban legend known as the Porcupine Man and they're intent on capturing him! Captain Cold and Golden Glider are on hand representing the townsfolk and, finding himself face to face with the two former Rogues, Wally is forced to engage them in a desperate battle for his freedom. Fortunately, the Flash's renewed powers prove to be more than the duo can handle. Wally escapes their trap relatively unharmed. After Mason Trollbridge has helped to remove the splintery shrapnel from his skin, Wally is well on his way to recovery. He's gotten back on his feet just in time, too. The town's missing children have been located in a collapsed mineshaft and it will take the famed fastest man alive to save them from certain doom.