The Flash


TITLE: "The Porcupine Man"
COVER BLURB: "Beware the Porcupine Man!"
DATE: May 1989


WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILS: Greg LaRocque
INKS: Larry Mahlstedt

LETTERS: Steve Haynie
COLORS: Michele Wolfman
EDITOR: Barbara Kesel & Brian Augustyn
COVER: Greg LaRocque & Larry Mahlstedt




QUOTE: "Do you understand? It was more than strength or speed. I was fighting just for myself. Flash was fighting for more than that. And it gave him an edge." óJerry McGee

SUMMARY:  Tina, Jerry, and Mason find themselves in Swainsville, New Mexico as they continue their search for the missing Wally West. Jerry finds both the living conditions and the local cuisine less than comforting but he's determined to return a favor by saving the life of the hero who once saved his. While the trio searches for the Flash, however, the people of Swainsville are obsessed with seeking the urban legend known as the Porcupine Man. Local lore tells of a mysterious creature with lengthy spikes protruding from all over its body. It lurks in shadows, attacking livestock and frightening the townsfolk. The local madman who's been pretending to be the Flash claims to have seen the creature, as does the waitress at a nearby diner. Tina, Jerry, and Mason pay a visit to the young woman's home that evening in search of more facts. What they find tucked away in her chicken coop is the shocking source of the latest rash of Porcupine Man sightings. Wally West is alive but injured, and his body's been covered by an array of sharp spines!