The Flash


TITLE: "The Adventures of Speed McGee: Part 3"
DATE: November 1988

WRITER: William Messner-Loebs
PENCILS: Greg LaRocque
INKS: Tim Dzon
COLORS: Michele Wolfman
LETTERS: Steve Haynie
EDITOR: Barbara Kesel
COVER: Andy Kubert


QUOTE: "We're not leaving. I'm a Titan, and Titans don't leave someone to die without even trying. We just can't do that!" —The Flash

SUMMARY: The Flash narrowly escapes from an explosive death trap set by Vandal Savage — rescuing Jerry McGee, Mason Trollbridge, and a member of the super-speed Blue Trinity terrorist group in the process — but in the aftermath of the explosion he finds he is no closer to discovering the whereabouts of Gilchrist's kidnapped daughter. Wally's mother, meanwhile, visits the Chunk to beg for money, seeking a means of ending the Wests' financial woes, only to discover that the two may each have something to offer the other. The trail of clues left by Savage eventually brings the Flash to a darkened cemetery containing the grave of Barry Allen and to a dangerous final showdown with a heavily armed helicopter!