The Flash


TITLE: "Wipe Out"
DATE: July 1988

WRITER: Mike Baron
PENCILS: Mike Collins
INKS: Larry Mahlstedt
COLORS: Michele Wolfman
LETTERS: Steve Haynie
EDITOR: Barbara Randall
COVER: Mike Collins & Larry Mahlstedt


QUOTE: "I could easily snap your neck, but that would be too quick. If you have truly lost your powers, if you are truly normal, perhaps another jolt of Velocity 9 will turn you into one of these... My willing accomplices." —Vandal Savage

SUMMARY: The Flash tracks Nick Bassaglia to a Brooklyn address only to discover that Vandal Savage has joined forces with the Long Island mobster in an effort to overtake Wall Street by distributing Velocity 9, the highly-addictive speed drug. The Flash is then ambushed by a gang of Velocity-powered thugs and injected with the nightmarish drug himself. The ensuing drug-fueled sprint pushes the scarlet speedster past his limits and devastates downtown Manhattan with sonic booms. He awakens to find himself powerless and held along with speed scientist Dr. Bortz as Bassaglia and Savage's prisoner. Their escape is effected when a desperate maneuver forces Savage to experience the horrific effects of his own deadly drug. Wally soon reunites with Tina McGee and returns home only to discover that his fortune has been wiped out in his absence, that he's financially devastated and soon to lose the lifestyle that's come to define his life.