The Flash


TITLE: "Chunk in the Void"
COVER BLURB: "The Savage Speedster"
DATE: March 1988

WRITER: Mike Baron
PENCILS: Mike Collins
INKS: Larry Mahlstedt
COLORS: Michele Wolfman
LETTERS: Steve Haynie
EDITOR: Mike Gold
COVER: Steve Lightle


QUOTE: "I think the place must affect your personality. It would have to. Loneliness, alienation, creeping madness... sure these people act strange." —Wally West

SUMMARY: The Flash finds himself in a primitive and savage wasteland, the void to which the Chunk banishes all of the materials and people he'd rather not deal with. The inhabitants of this void, once fairly mundane citizens of New York, have been transformed into several warring tribes of near-animals acting on their most primal wants and fears. The Flash realizes that he must convince the psychologically scarred Chunk to return everyone to their rightful place in the world, and is on the road to succeeding, when the tribal wars reach their peak and an angry tribe of criminals begins a brutal offensive.