The Flash


TITLE: "The Chunk"
COVER BLURB: "The Chunk!"
DATE: February 1988

WRITER: Mike Baron
PENCILS: Jackson Guice
INKS: Larry Mahlstedt
COLORS: Michele Wolfman
LETTERS: Steve Haynie
EDITOR: Mike Gold
COVER: Jackson Guice & Larry Mahlstedt


QUOTE: "...Eat enough and close the hole and make it go away but there's never enough... You're one of the smooth ones, so cool, so popular, all the dirty little idiots who made my life a living hell... And I have to plug the hole, plug the hole. Hungry all the time." —Chester Runk, the Chunk

SUMMARY: During a visit with his new psychologist, attempting to adjust to the many problematic relationships in his life, Wally West hears of a jewelry robbery taking place next door. Jumping into action as the Flash he encounters the Chunk, an enormously obese man who seems to be literally inhaling diamonds. Unfortunately, the Flash is unable to apprehend the Chunk before he disappears from view. Wally's intent on discovering who this mysterious thief really is, unwilling to deal with the growing problems presented to him by his mother, girlfriend Tina McGee, and the Middle Hampton City Council. A little research reveals the troubling story of Chester Runk, an emotionally disturbed M.I.T. research student who made brilliant discoveries relating to a matter transportation device. During a platinum robbery at a local art gallery, the Flash confronts the Chunk with his knowledge of the man's past but is unable to counter the man's hunger-fueled rage. The Flash soon finds himself, along with the Chunk, transported to a barren wasteland far removed from reality.