The Flash


TITLE: "Kill the Kilg%re!"
COVER BLURB: "Kill the Kilg%re"
DATE: September 1987

WRITER: Mike Baron
PENCILS: Jackson Guice
INKS: Larry Mahlstedt
COLORS: Carl Gafford
LETTERS: Steve Haynie
EDITOR: Mike Gold
COVER: Jackson Guice & Larry Mahlstedt


QUOTE: "She's a married woman. But she hasn't lived with her husband in a year. It's over, she says. She's thirty-two! I don't know what's right anymore. All I know is that I want her and I'll come back to her. Tina McGee. Tina McGee. Tina McGee."  —Wally West

SUMMARY: With the Kilg%re's attacks growing more threatening by the hour, the Flash and the Teen Titans' Cyborg develop a radical plan to shut down power to the entire globe in order to kill the alien creature. Unfortunately, the Kilg%re doesn't quit easily and will surely use every last ounce of its thought and strength to battle for survival. The fastest man alive will have to outrace the dying mechanical monster in order to save the human race from extinction!