The Flash Annual


TITLE: "Family Business"
COVER BLURB: "It's the 21st CenturyŚ
Do you know where your super-heroes are?"
DATE: 1991

WRITER: Mark Waid
PENCILS: Craig Brasfield
INKS: Andrew Pepoy
COLORS: Tom McCraw
LETTERS: Tim Harkins
EDITOR: Brian Augustyn
Mike Parobeck & Rick Burchett


QUOTE: "I think about my son in the hands of Diogenes and I get physically ill.  I run a whole gamut of emotions.  Anger, fear, frustration... and just the tiniest hint of another feeling that, under the circumstances, shames me.  Excitement." ŚMichael Edwards (a.k.a. Wally West)

SUMMARY: One of Earth's greatest superheroes will one day become the Monarch, a tyrant who rules the world of tomorrow with an iron fist. Waverider, a traveler from that time who can learn a man's future with a single touch, is determined to find out whether or not the Flash is that hero. Upon grasping the Flash's shoulder Waverider discovers that by the year 2001 Wally West will have moved to Arizona and taken on the false identity of Michael Edwards, all measures taken to protect his beautiful wife and troubled son. A powerful crimelord named Diogenes has vowed vengeance on this former Flash, and he's lined up many of the Flash's former foes to make sure that he has it. David, Michael's son, is a danger to himself for he's inherited his father's speed but not the aura that would protect him from the effects of that speed. Michael Edwards finds himself forced to don the scarlet costume once again when Diogenes kidnaps an injured David, creates a web of enemies for the Flash to face, and lures his foe into a dangerous trap. Will all of the anger brewing within this future Flash lead him to become the Monarch?

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