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TITLE: "Justice, Like Lightning"
COVER BLURB: "Payback!"

DATE: September 2007


WRITER: Mark Waid
Karl Kerschl, Ian Churchill, Norm Rapmund, Manuel Garcia, Joe Bennett, Ruy Jose, and Daniel Acuna

LETTERS: Pat Brosseau
COLORS: Stephane Peru, Tanya Horie, Richard Horie, and Daniel Acuna
ASSOC. EDITOR: Rachel Gluckstern

EDITOR: Joan Hilty
Bill Sienkiewicz

VARIANT COVER: Josh Middleton


QUOTE: "Green Lantern, are you still with Wally? Tell him I'm getting news out of Los Angeles. Apparently, the Rogues hit the Getty Center, and... it's bad." —Batman

SUMMARY:  Wally and Linda have returned to Earth! Their twin children, Iris and Jai, are now several years older. A celebration of the family's strange and unexpected homecoming is short lived, however. The Justice League has learned of Bart Allen's murder at the hands of a frenzied Rogues Gallery. Suddenly realizing the atrocity of their crime, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Abra Kadabra, Mirror Master, the Trickster, and Piper scatter across the world in an effort to escape justice. Meanwhile, a vengeful Wally West takes off in pursuit of the juvenile supervillain who is responsible for setting this infamous series of events into motion—the evil clone Inertia.