The Final Curtain

by Adam Chamberlain & Brian A. Dixon


Can love survive the end of the world? Witness couples pushed to their dramatic limits in this paperback that brings together two original, one-act plays from Revelation editors Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon, with cover artwork by Elizabeth Abbott.


In "Cover From the Sky," a young couple flee to their log cabin retreat to escape an impending disaster, but even as they seek refuge these extreme circumstances open cracks in their own union, exposing emotions that have simmered just under the surface of their daily routines but which are finally about to erupt in dramatic fashion.


In "Arcadia in Ashes," two men desperate to find community in a post-apocalyptic wasteland come to fear the very thing they once yearned for when they discover a strict village ruled by harsh laws.


Distinctly different in both tone and style, these two unique tales are joined by a common format and a single haunting theme. In new and unexpected ways, doomsday becomes drama in The Final Curtain, a text ready-made for theaters, actors, and the casual reader alike.


$11.99 | Paperback | 130 Pages