Author Bios 


Mark Beech lives in Worcestershire, England, where he spends much of his time exploring Welsh border churches and experimenting with exotic European liqueurs. He has had articles appear, at rare occasions, in Wormwood: Writings About Fantasy, Supernatural and Decadent Literature and The Third Alternative, amongst other places.


Adam Chamberlain lives and works in London, drawing some of his inspiration there from the dramas that unfold on the stages of its theatres all the way to time spent in some of the quieter, leafier corners of the city. He is the Associate Publisher of Fourth Horseman Press and co-editor of a number of its publications.


Brian A. Dixon is a writer and educator and a resident of New England. His short fiction has appeared in the pages of such publications as Connecticut Review, Weston Magazine, Dead Letters, Zahir and A Thousand Faces. His drama has been seen on the stage of New York Cityís Sargent Theater. Dixon is also the creator and editor of Revelation, the magazine of apocalyptic art and literature.


C. Mitchell O'Neal writes in Southern California, where he lives with his beautiful wife and daughter. His work has appeared in Paradox, Flashquake and Revelation, among other venues.


Joe Tangari is an American music critic and fiction writer, raised in New England and currently residing in Arkansas. He has written news items, features and album reviews for the music web magazine Pitchfork since November 2000. His short fiction ranges from speculative fiction, sci-fi and supernatural explorations to humour, literary fiction and character study, sometimes all at once. His short fiction has been published in Revelation. He is currently seeking a publisher for his first novel.


Alexander Zelenyjís fiction has appeared in a wide variety of publications, including Revelation, Front & Centre, Freefall, Cerebral Catalyst, Euphony Journal, Inscape, Underground Voices, The Windsor Review and The Rose & Thorn. Zelenyj is the author of the short novel Black Sunshine, published by Fourth Horseman Press, and the short fiction collection Experiments at 3 Billion A.M., published by Eibonvale Press. He lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.



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