Black Sunshine

by Alexander Zelenyj


“A splendid post-apocalyptic tale, Black Sunshine is also a commentary on Darwinian theories, Biblical judgments and Jungian tenets. This short novel is an engaging and harrowing account of the baseness of humanity, the intrinsic desire for human companionship, and the tenacity of will.” —Samuel Lund, Arbus


Black Sunshine is impossible to put down… Every word of this story is meant to be there… beautifully executed… a tribute to Zelenyj’s gift for words.” —Meredith Morgenstern, The Rose & Thorn Literary Magazine



In one instant, all over the world, light itself has ceased to be and mankind has been rendered suddenly and inexplicably blind. Those who survived the first dark days now find themselves in a terrifying realm of chaos and uncertainty, a place filled with familiar dangers made far more dangerous by the omnipresence of eternal night. But there is hope in this dark new world, and it can be heard in those constant voices being broadcast from the nearest radio.


Alexander Zelenyj's Black Sunshine immerses readers in a world turned inside-out. This stunning portrait of a blackened, post-apocalyptic landscape robbed of all light is by turns both nightmarish and unsettlingly convincing. Highlighting the conflicts of modern society and urban sprawl, the novella also offers a surprising and inspirational new take on familiar hero mythologies and superhero fiction.


$11.99 | Paperback | 136 Pages