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Millennium User Icons


  AOL Instant Messenger



The following images, featuring recognizable faces and imagery from Millennium, have been prepared for use as user icons on AOL Instant Messenger and for blogging sites such as LiveJournal. Feel free to download any of the images to your hard drive and then upload them as your user icon.


To make one of these AIM images your buddy icon, simply click the image. A message will appear asking for you to confirm the change.  If that does not work, follow the procedure below:


1. Right click on the image and save it to your hard drive.
2. Open AIM, click on PEOPLE -> Select Buddy Icon
3. Scroll down the names until you see MY BUDDY ICON in red. Click it.
4. Click on BROWSE PC and find the file you downloaded, then click OK.



AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Icons




LiveJournal / Blog Icons