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Millennium Advertising


The Fox network spent significantly little time and money promoting the struggling Millennium, particularly in comparison to its other hit shows. This lack of exposure helped lead to the poor ratings that eventually brought the series to its end. The series was never brought to the attention of most primetime viewers.


Fox's outright refusal to grant Millennium the primetime advertising time it deserved and clearly needed was a constant source of frustration for the staff, who were working hard to get the series the attention it deserved and striving to keep the series on the air.  Executive Producer Glen Morgan observed throughout the second season that much of the on-air advertising time that should have been devoted to promoting Millennium had, instead, been allocated to Fox Sports.  Truly, the network was partially responsible for the show's failure to perform during the Friday night timeslot.


Nonetheless, scattered examples of Millennium advertising are available from various media. These posters and advertisements represent the limited promotion for the series that took place off the air. The show's premiere in October of 1996, in particular, launched a massive advertising campaign that encompassed bus stops, newspapers, magazines, billboards, postcards, movie theaters, and the internet.  Here, at the Abyss, you will be able to download your own collection of Millennium advertisements.



General Promotion


  1996 Series Premiere Billboard


  1999 Billboard Advertisement


  Series Premiere Bus Shelter Poster


  Series Premiere Promotional Poster


  Season Two Promotional Poster


  Internet Banner Advertisement


  1998 Fox Fearsome Friday Ad


  UK Video Promotion


  2004 DVD Promotion



Japanese Video Advertisements


  Japanese Promotional Poster


  Season One Video Set Ad


  Season Two Video Set Ad


  Season Three Video Set Ad


  "Human Essence" Ad (Close-Up)


  Third Season Video Set (Close-Up)


  Millennium Promotion (Close-Up)


  Magazine Advertisements





  Laguna Pottery Promotion


TV Guide Advertisements






  "Dead Letters"


  "Kingdom Come"




  "Loin Like a Hunting Flame"


  "Force Majeure"


  "The Thin White Line"




  "The Beginning and the End"


  "Beware of the Dog"






  "The Curse of Frank Black"


  "Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense"


  "The Mikado"




  "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me"


  "The Time is Now"


  "The Innocents"




  "Thirteen Years Later"


  "Skull and Bones"


  "Through a Glass Darkly"


  "Human Essence"


  "Borrowed Time"


  "Collateral Damage"


  "The Sound of Snow"






  "Bardo Thodol"


  The X-Files: "Millennium"



Award Advertisements


  1996 People's Choice Award Ad


  1998 Golden Globe Awards Ad


  1997 Emmy Awards Ad


  1998 Emmy Awards Ad


  1999 Emmy Awards Ad