Commentary: Chris Carter


Millennium videos issued in the UK were accompanied by a commentary recorded by series creator Chris Carter. Carter discussed some of the highlights of the show's genesis.



 Project Megiddo


The Federal Bureau of Investigation prepared Project Megiddo, a strategic assessment of the potential for millennial terrorism, in anticipation of the coming of the year 2000.



 "Black Once Again"


When Cult Times interviewed Lance Henriksen in 2002 they learned of the actor's thoughts regarding the end of Millennium, The X-Files crossover, and Frank Black's potential future.



 "Doomsday Predictions"


National Public Radio, on the eve of the millennium, presented an overview of powerful doomsday scenarios presented in popular media which included a look at Millennium.



 "Paint it Black"


In an interview with the official newsletter of The X-Files Fan Club, Chris Carter discusses the inspiration behind Millennium and the potential for the show's future on the big screen.



 Commentary: Jane Goldman


Jane Goldman, the author of The Official Millennium Companion, is as disappointed as the show's fans that the volume she wrote devoted to the series was never published.


 Interview: Lance Henriksen


Cult television magazine TV Zone to interviewed star Lance Henriksen and, in the process, learned of his personal opinions concerning the show's complex history.



 The Ouroboros


The Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail seen in every episode of Millennium, is a powerful symbol seen throughout human civilization. This guide details its evolution.



 "Millennium and Littleton"


Following the high school shootings at Littleton, Colorado, The Vancouver Sun interviewed the stars of Millennium regarding their views on violence in the media and in our society.



 Chris Carter Chat


America Online hosted a chat with Chris Carter early in 1999 in which he discussed Millennium and many related developments that were cut short by the show's cancellation.



 Megan Gallagher Chat


People magazine hosted an online chat with actress Meghan Gallagher weeks after Millennium had premiered. Gallagher discussed her character and the show's future.